ADP Motor Run Capacitors

ADP (Metalized Polypropylene) motor run capacitors are compact, self-healing products that find greatest utilization as motor-run capacitors in fractional horsepower electric motors. However, the motor run capacitors may be used in a wide variety of 50/60 Hz. AC or DC applications.

The motor run capacitors are available in capacitances up to 30 microfarads and with voltage ratings of 250, 370, and 440 VAC. The metalized polypropylene film dielectric provides excellent electrical characteristics including stable capacitance over time and temperature and a very low Dissipation Factor (internal heating).

The motor run capacitors’ integral mounting ear makes it an excellent choice for difficult to mount applications and the choice of terminal configurations is another big plus. Terminal configuration includes single or double 0.187 or 0.250 spade terminals fast-on, insulated wire leads, or PC-mount pins. ADP motor run capacitors can be supplied with a “lay-down” type bracket which provides additional mounting options. Other options available include P2 protected segmented film (ADP series).

ADP motor run capacitors offer UL, cUL, VDE, TUV, and CE approvals available. All ADP motor run capacitors are also RoHS compliant.

Technical Specifications
Capacitance 0.12 ~ 30 uF (±5%)
Rated Voltage 250 ~ 440 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dissipation Factor ≤ 0.002 (100 Hz)
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +85 °C
Dielectric Material Metalized Polypropylene
Case Material Flame Retardant Plastic (UL94 V-0)
Terminal Configurations
A Single AMP.187 Fast-On
C Double AMP.187 Fast-On  
E Single AMP.250 Fast-On  
F Double AMP.250 Fast-On  
M Insulated Wire Leads  
S PC-mount Pins  

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  Part Number uF VAC W
MPTS300N755K 7.5 uF 300 VAC Capacitor 6100-9185 7.5 300 0.95 0.95 1.91 24 22 48
Scotsman 18-1902-66 Run Capacitor ADP250A106J 10 uF 250 VAC 10 250 2.05 0.89 1.40 52 23 36 Adobe PDF file icon