Why Capacitor Industries?




Our Chicago Condenser division began manufacturing high-voltage capacitors in 1944. Over a half century of leadership in the capacitor marketplace provides you with full application engineering support. When you buy a capacitor from Capacitor Industries, you are not just buying a component, you are gaining access.




We know that buying at the lowest possible price is important to you. Our capacitors are manufactured in efficient state of the art facilities in China. Highly automated production equipment and committed management teams will provide you with very competitive pricing.




Our primary focus has always been on product quality and it always will be. When you buy a capacitor from Capacitor Industries, you can be sure that the capacitor has been designed and manufactured to provide long life and dependable service.




We maintain a large inventory of Motor-Run and Motor-Start capacitors in our centrally-located Wood Dale facility. Most quantities of our ADP- and CBB65-series of AC capacitors are immediately available.




We know that sometimes you need capacitors in a big hurry. If we do not have the parts you need in our Wood Dale facility, we will be more than happy to consider expedited production to meet your schedule.




As part of our service, we offer several customer-service programs from which you may choose. We will maintain your inventory in our centrally-located Wood Dale facility and ship per your scheduled release, KANBAN, or JIT requirements. We also offer special packaging, painting, and private labeling.