CH84 High Voltage Capacitors

The CH84 High Voltage Capacitor is wound with a compound film dielectric between sheets of aluminum foil, impregnated; epoxy filled, and sealed in a tough plastic case. With a male (metric) screw terminal on one end and a female on the other, the high voltage capacitors are easily connected in series for voltage doublers applications.

Features of the CH84 high voltage capacitor include high insulation properties, low-loss and high withstanding voltage, stable capacitance, and excellent high frequency characteristics. Whether you need 1 piece, or 1,000, our CH84-series of high voltage capacitors features possibly the lowest prices available for premium quality capacitors with very high voltage ratings.

Applications for the high voltage capacitor include filtering, voltage multipliers, bypass, coupling, suppression, and other low to moderate current applications.

Technical Specifications
Capacitance 0.0001 ~ 1 uF (±10%)
Rated Voltage 10 ~ 160 KVDC
Dissipation Factor ≤ 0.005
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +85 °C
Dielectric Material Polypropylene and Polyester Combination
Case Material Plastic

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  Part Number uF VAC D
CH84-503-30M High Voltage Compound Dielectric Capacitor 0.05 uF 30 KVDC 0.05 30,000 3.54 5.63 90 143 Adobe PDF file icon
CH84-602-60M High Voltage Compound Dielectric Capacitor 0.006 uF 60 KVDC 0.006 60,000 2.36 8.86 60 225 Adobe PDF file icon