BAM High Voltage Capacitors

Type BAM High Voltage Capacitors are designed for filter, bypass, and coupling applications in the low audio frequency range as well as many general DC applications. Because the BAM case is non-metallic, it is the high voltage capacitor of choice at high DC voltages where a steel case and the required ceramic or porcelain stand-off would be very expensive. Housed in phenolic tubing with epoxy end seals and threaded stud terminals, BAM high voltage capacitors offer superior electrical characteristics coupled with small size. The high voltage capacitors are conservatively designed for long life under harsh conditions. Winding and case design can be customized to the conditions of use, including ambient operating environment, oil submersion, and electrical requirements (pulse discharge, AC, ripple voltage and current, etc.).

BAM capacitors have other options available such as axial screws, bare wire leads, or insulated wire leads. Standard phenolic tubing but other case tubing is available upon request. The standard tolerance is ±10% with ±5%, ±2%, and ±1% tolerance also available.

Technical Specifications
Capacitance 0.01 ~ 10 uF (±10%)
Rated Voltage 5 ~ 200 KVDC
Dissipation Factor ≤ 0.005 (25 °C, 60 Hz)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +85 °C
Dielectric Material Polyester Film and Kraft Paper
Case Material Phenolic or Fiber Glass

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